Our vision at Cuyahoga County is to have every father in the county have a productive positive relationship with his children because FATHERS MATTER.

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Fatherhood Programs:

Public Awareness Program
The goal of the Public Awareness Campaign is to promote the message of the importance of responsible fatherhood in the lives of children. The Public Awareness Campaign includes developing ads and purchasing of advertising to promote the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative. Various media outlets are used including radio, television, billboards, and print ads in kiosks and buses. (440) 542-1971

Passages Jobs for Dads Program
This program provides counseling, job referral/employment readiness services, development of individualized plans for strategic steps toward employment and independence, crisis intervention and mentoring for young fathers. This program focuses on the population of ex-offenders and men with limited skills. Passages has extensive experience working with incarcerated or newly released ex-offenders and provides career planning and re-entry counseling for these fathers. (216) 881-6776

Hispanic Programming
Father and Sons
Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center’s Latino Fatherhood Program addresses the growing problem of father absence in the Latino community of Greater Cleveland. The main concentrations are awareness, education, and parenting skills. The program provides Latino Fatherhood Basic Training Skills, Case Management, Black & Brown Dialogues, Support Groups, and Latino Cultural Competence Training Sessions. (216) 651-8236

The Rising Above Program
This is a Workforce Development/Training program at Career Development and Placement Strategies aimed at non-custodial fathers. It is a four-week training program with the goal of assisting fathers to reconnect with their families and preparing them to be a productive part of the workforce. Rising Above provides career readiness, career path counseling, relationship workshops and job placement.
(216) 881-5866

Prevention of Premature Fatherhood
This program targets teen males aged 12-17 to prevent premature fatherhood with a curriculum that will be intertwined with after school community events for male youth and families. This program is available to be held at locations in all communities throughout the county. (216) 201-2000 ext. 1517

Fathers and Families Together Program (FAFT)
Father and Daughter
The overall goal of this program at the Center for Families and Children is to assist fathers to enhance their parenting skills through participation in a series of educational life skills workshops and group support activities. The program provides fathers with father/ child activities that encourage fathers to be a healthy role model for their children. Workshops for fathers and their parenting partners are offered to promote effective parenting. All connections with father participants are designed to promote responsible fatherhood. (216) 325-9124

Supervised Visitation Program of the Domestic Violence Center
The Supervised Visitation Program provides services for families currently mandated to participate in a supervised visitation program. In addition to ongoing supervised visitation, fathers who participate in the program will attend fathering classes designed to build the skills that lead to successful parenting and stronger families. Supervised visitation and the fathering classes are presented at the Community Care Network Building. (216) 651-8484

CSEA/Justice Affairs Program
This CSEA/Justice Affairs collaboration strengthens the link between paternity establishment and custody and visitation for fathers. Justice Affairs provides a staff person in the CSEA building to inform parents of their rights to visitation and assists them to begin the mediation process. Mediation assists in the development of a parenting plan and may lead to participation in a parenting education program. (216) 698-4996

Boot Camps for New Dads Program
MetroHealth partners with hospitals within the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital systems to provide the Boot Camps for New Dads program. Hospitals included in the collaboration are Fairview Hospital, Hillcrest Hospital, MetroHealth, Southwest General Hospital, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center, University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital and Womankind. (216) 778-3372

Healthy Fathers Program
Father and DaughterThe Healthy Fathers Program  engages fathers in school based fatherhood programming at three K-8 CMSD schools; Willow, Fullerton and Warner Girls Leadership Academy in addition to fatherhood programs at University Settlement. (216) 441-2907 ext. 228

211 Fatherhood Line

The United Way program provides the 211 Fatherhood line in Cuyahoga County that links men to the services and programs they need to become better fathers or reconnect with their families. (216) 436-2000

Strong Fathers Program
The Strong Fathers Program at Murtis Taylor is targeted at low-income males 25 years or younger who reside in Cuyahoga County. Strong Fathers uses both the 24/7 Dad and Active Parenting curriculums integrated with organized league sports to teach young fathers what it means to be a strong father. (216) 283-4400 ext. 2297